Student Health Services

Student Health Services

Piqua City Schools Health Services

Piqua City Schools Health Services desires to collaborate with families, students, staff and the Piqua community to promote the health and well being of every child. We will intervene with actual and potential health problems through direct and indirect care, so that we may help reduce the spread of communicable disease, increase attendance and place the focus on life-long learning and health.
A student’s ability to learn is affected by the health of the learning environment and by the student’s physical health.  Our district’s nurses will:
  • Attend to individual student health concerns
  • Provide health teaching to staff, individual students, and groups of students
  • Collaborate with other professionals about special needs of students
  • Collaborates professionally to encourage wellness programs for staff and students
  • Promote programming to maintain a healthy learning environment
  • Conduct hearing, vision, and scoliosis screenings and make sure any identified needs are met
  • Collaborate and serve as a liaison with health professionals outside the school setting in order to achieve success at school
  • Documents immunization compliance 

We ask for parent support in accurately completing and submitting student health forms so that we are properly prepared to care for student health needs.  These forms are found within the Parent OneView Portal.

Key Information to Communicate to the School Nurse: 

Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the school nurse any time they have questions or concerns about your child’s health.  We ask that you call the school nurse, especially for the following reasons: 

  • A new medical diagnosis or change in your child's physical, behavioral, or emotional health.
  • A new allergy.
  • A newly prescribed medication or a change in dose of current medication.
  • A serious injury, illness, or condition requiring emergency treatment, hospitalization, or surgery.
  • A head injury or concussion.
  • An injury requiring sutures, castings, splints, or mobility assistance of crutches, a walker, or wheelchair.
  • Contagious conditions such as chickenpox, flu, strep throat, whooping cough, pneumonia, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), or head lice.
  • Your child is absent for more than 3 days due to physical illness, injury, or mental health condition.
  • There is a transitional change in your family or traumatic event that may affect your child (the birth of a sibling, death of a family member or friend, family medical or mental health issues, change in employment or housing, military deployment, situation of abuse or violence, or change in relationship status of a parent). 
Keri Scott RN, BSN,CSN
Springcreek Primary School 
Courtney Drees RN, BSN
Washington Primary School 
Michelle McNeil RN
Piqua Central Intermediate School

Carly Gray RN
Piqua Junior High School

Liana Michael RN, BSN
Piqua High School 
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