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Central Office   Phone: (937) 773-4321 Fax: (937) 778-4517 

Dwayne Thompson
Dwayne Thompson
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6111
Jeremie Hittle
Jeremie Hittle
Office: 937-778-4512 x 6211
Tony Lyons
Tony Lyons
Asst. Supt.
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6112

Treasurer's Office

Melinda Glazier
Assistant Treasurer
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6201
Sarah Deavours
High school Finance/Assistant to the Treasurer
Office: 937-778-4512 x 6212
Alicia Hare
Payroll/Human Resource Specialist
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6601
Ami Fashner
Financial Clerk
Office: 937-778-4512 x 6202

Curriculum Department

Teresa Anderson
Director of Curriculum K-6
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6812
Mrs. Anderson lives in Piqua with her husband, Bill, son Cody, and step son Brad.  She was born and raised in Piqua and enjoys living near her many relatives and long time friends in the community.

Education Background:

Mrs. Anderson received her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Wittenberg University in 1989.  She received her Master's Degree in Educational Administration and her Prinicapl certification from the University of Dayton.

She taught fourth grade for three years at Fairlawn Local Schools. She began her career in Piqua teaching kindergarten for five years at Nicklin Learning Center.

She was principal at Nicklin Elementary/Nicklin Learning Center from 1998 - 2011.

She was principal at High Street Elementary from 2011-2013 and principal at Springcreek Elementary from 2013-2015.

Mrs. Anderson moved to Director of Student Services in 2015 and currently serves as Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Special Recognition:

Mrs. Anderson was named the Ohio Distinguished Principal of the Year in 2011 and received recognition as a National Distinguished Principal in October 2011.

My message to parents:

Thank you for entrusting your children to our schools.  Piqua City Schools take great pride in our mission to serve the community, our students and our families. We know each child deserves the best and we will continue to strive to find ways to deliver an excellent education and school experience for all.  If ever you  have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me!
Scott Bloom
Director of Curriculum 6-12
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6811

Technology Department

Erich Heidenreich
Director of Technology
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6311
Nate Toon
Network Facilitator
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6312
Mark Eller
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6301
Robert Allen
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6302
Rachel Funderburg
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6303

Department of Special Education Services

Amy Todd
Director of Special Education
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6711
Kate Link
Administrative Assistant/Case Manager
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6701
Kylee Harrmann
Office: 937-773-2017 x 3009
Piqua Central Intermediate and Out-of-District
  807 Nicklin Avenue Piqua, OH
  P: (937) 773-2017 | F: (937) 778-2988
Michelle Bonifas
Office: 937-773-4321 x 4010
Springcreek Primary
  145 E. St. Rt. 36 Piqua, OH
  P: (937) 773-6540 | F: (937) 778-2995
Washington Primary
  800 N. Sunset Drive Piqua, OH
  P: (937) 773-8472 | F: (937) 778-2992

Director of Student Services

Mindy Gearhardt
Director of Student Services
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6511
Kate Link
Administrative Assistant/Case Manager
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6701
Tracey Mumaw
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6501

Facilities, Grounds and Maintenance Office

Sean Shumaker
Director of Facilities, Grounds and Maintenance

Transportation Office

Lougena Hodges
Transportation Supervisor
Donnelle Walling
Transportation Administrative Assistant

Food Service Department

Jennifer Garland
Food Service Supervisor
Office: 937-773-4321 x 6611


Phone: (937) 773-6314  
Fax: (937) 778-4514
1 Indian Trail Piqua, OH 45356

Departments: Dial (937)773-6314 
Report an Absence:  then option 1
Main Office: then option 5
Cafeteria: then option 6
Guidance: then option 4
School Nurse: then option 8
Athletic Department: then option 7

Phone: (937) 778-2997
Fax: (937) 773-2574 
1 Tomahawk Tr. Piqua, OH 45356

Departments:  Dial (937)778-2997 
Report an Absence: then option 1
Main Office: then option 5
Cafeteria: then option 6
Guidance: then option 4
School Nurse: then option 8 

Phone: (937) 773-2017
Fax: (937) 778-2988
807 Nicklin Ave Piqua, OH 45356

Departments: Dial (937) 773-2017 
Report an Absence: then option 1
Main Office: then option 5
Cafeteria: then option 3

Phone: (937) 773-8472
Fax: (937) 778-2996
800 N. Sunset Dr Piqua, OH 45356

Phone: (937) 773-6540
Fax: (937) 778-2995
145 E. St. Rt. 36 Piqua, OH 45356
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