What is PBIS?

PBIS Program at Piqua High School

2023-2024 School Year

Piqua High School is 1 of 5 buildings in the Piqua City Schools System that utilizes a comprehensive PBIS system in order to create a positive and safe learning environment for our students.  All buildings in the PCS system utilize PBIS.  Our entire school district has placed our focused on the following three principles that guide our PBIS program:


  -Be Responsible

  -Be Respectful

  -Be Kind

PBIS is an acronym for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  PBIS is based on the idea that students learn appropriate behavior in the same way they learn to read: through instruction, practice, feedback, and encouragement.  Previously, school-wide discipline has focused mainly on reacting to specific student misbehavior.  At the start of the school year, our teachers take time to teach their students our Behavior Expectations Matrix.  This occurs during advisory time and during instructional time the first week of the school year.  The teaching of behavior expectations continues throughout the school year through modeling and when deemed appropriate during the school day.  The matrix below is what drives our PBIS behavior expectations.  Positive behaviors are reinforced through a number of different rewards programs, prizes, Indian Cards, and public recognitions throughout the school year.

The 2023-2024 school year will be the 8th school year that Piqua High School has utilized a PBIS system to teach appropriate behaviors to our students.  Data from school years starting with 2012 shows that PBIS has led to a significant decrease in office referrals for discipline.

Piqua High School’s PBIS Program is driven by three teams of staff members.

Tier I Team:  Our Tier I team consists of several teachers, and one administrator.  Tier I team members plan for school-wide interventions and supports that drive our PBIS programming.  This includes teaching our expected behaviors the opening week of school, repeated teaching of our PBIS behavior expectations as needed, Indian Card distribution and prize drawings, student of the week, quarterly Piqua Pride recognition, and monthly data analysis of PHS behavioral data.

Tier II Team: Our Tier II team consists of several teachers, one guidance counselor, and one administrator.  Check and Connect is the central feature of our Tier II PBIS programming.  The Check and Connect program utilizes the effectiveness of the strong relationships our staff have with our students.  The Tier II team examines data to determine what students might benefit from being connected with a staff mentor here in our building.  Once paired, the student and staff member meet weekly and set goals that focus on behavior, social development, and or behavior.

Tier III Team:  Our Tier III team consists of one guidance counselor and one administrator, and other members as deemed necessary such as local law enforcement, local counseling agencies, parents, students, and other school personnel.  Tier III team members work with those students and their families that need more intense interventions and supports.

Daily/Weekly Rewards: Indian Cards are one of the driving forces of our PBIS program.  Piqua HS staff will pass out thousands of Indian Cards throughout the school year to students who exhibit PBIS traits and behaviors.  Students receive Indian Cards in the classroom, in the halls, at lunch, and during arrival and dismissal times at school.  Indian Cards can be used to enter drawings and purchase things from our PBIS store.

Quarterly Drawings:  All Indian Cards are deposited into a box in Mr. Taylor’s office.  The last day of every quarter, the PBIS Tier I committee conducts are school-wide drawing over the PA during advisory and gives away several large prizes.  Attendance awards are also given during this time.

Piqua Pride Program:  All students in our building are eligible for the Piqua Pride Program.  Piqua Pride students are announced at the end of each quarter.  Students receive a quarterly reward for meeting all Piqua Pride Criteria.

Piqua Pride Criteria for the 23-24 school year:

  1. No more than 1 unexcused absence

  2. No more than 1 unexcused tardy

  3. No more than 1 referral (that does not result in a an extended school or more severe consequence)

  4. No bus suspensions.

Student of the Week:  Each week, every teacher selects a Student of the Week.  The student's name is placed on a placard outside the teacher’s door to recognize that student.  The student’s name and picture will also be placed on a slide show that is displayed on the TV monitors in the lunchroom.  The purpose of ‘Student of the Week’ is to recognize students who uphold the principles of our PBIS program and put those ideals on display throughout the school week.

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