School Counseling Department

School Counseling Department

ASVAB Testing

The ASVAB will be given to all juniors and seniors interested in joining the military on November 5 at 8:30 AM.  See your counselor to register.  To study for the ASVAB, check out March 2 Success to help you prepare.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences will be held on October 14 and 15 from 3:00-8:00.  An appointment is needed to meet with teachers.

Financial Aid Resources

The FAFSA opened up October 1.  If you need help completing the FAFSA, check out the following resources  Individual sessions can also be arranged with Mrs. Rosenkranz. 

First Semester Schedule Changes

See your counselor immediately if you are missing a core academic class, are assigned to two of the same classes, or have an open class period.  If a student is scheduled into a requested course, a student may not change their schedule.  

Graduation Requirements

Students have to earn 21 credits, meet testing requirements, and complete 6 hours of community service to graduate.  

PHS Credit Requirements
English: 4 credits
Math: 4 credits including 1 credit of Algebra II or equivalent. Three math
credits must be earned at the high school.
Science: 3 credits including 1 Physical, 1 Biological, and 1 Advanced
Social Studies: 3 credits including 1 American History, .5 Government, and .5 World History
Physical Education: .5 credit--2 semesters (or PE waiver)
Health: .5 credit
Electives: 6 credits including 2 semesters in Fine Arts (grades 7-12).
Financial Literacy: Students must study financial literacy to graduate. This requirement can be met by completing one of the following courses: Economics, Finance and Banking, Personal Finance, Government S2 or Success Bound.

State Testing Requirements
Click the link to learn about state testing requirements.

Senior Service Hours
The purpose of senior service hours is to provide the student and community a shared experience, greater awareness of community harmony, and humanitarian service.  Seniors need to complete 6 hours of community service and/or job shadowing experience.  The service hours may be served any time except during a school day.  Volunteer work should be completed by May 15.  The forms will be available in the main office, Class of 2021 Google Classroom site, or school counseling office.  Forms must be returned to the school counselor.  Students attending the UVCC or taking classes on a college campus through CCP do not have to complete senior service hours.

Progress Book

Progress Book is the online method used for tracking grades. Contact Christie Schneider at 937-778-4527 ext. 1 or [email protected] for a username and password.

Flex Credit Option

Per Ohio Revised Code and Piqua School Board policy, Piqua High School allows students the opportunity to experience learning and the acquisition of skills through instruction or study outside of the traditional classroom.  Credit flexibility options are designed for those students who demonstrate the ability, interest and maturity to accept personal responsibility for their learning in a selected curricular area and are willing to pursue it beyond the typical classroom setting.  Any student interested in participating in the Credit Flexibility option should see their counselor. 

School Counselors

Students A-D 
Tonya Foster
[email protected]
Phone: (937) 778-4527 ext. 3
Fax: (937) 778-4514 

Students E-K 
Kate Schulze
[email protected]
Phone: (937) 778-4527 ext. 2
Fax: (937) 778-4515 

Students L-R 
Elizabeth Caryl
Phone: 937-778-4527 ext. 4
Fax: (937) 778-4515  

Department Chairperson
Students S-Z 
Beth Rosenkranz
[email protected]
Phone: 937-778-4527 ext. 5
Fax: (937) 778-4515  


Counseling Secretary

Christie Schneider

[email protected]
Phone: (937) 778-4527 ext. 1 
Fax: (937) 778-4527 


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