Piqua Parents As Teachers

Piqua Parents As Teachers

"A free, voluntary program open to ANYONE in the Piqua area,
with children prenatal through Kindergarten."

"It is our goal to help parents give their children the best possible start to life."

Piqua Parents as Teachers Goals:

  1. To give children a solid foundation for school success and provide an opportunity for early literacy.
  2. Increase parents' competence and confidence in giving children the best possible start in life.
  3. Promote a strong parent-child relationship.
  4. Develop true partnerships between parents and schools.
  5. Provide a means for early detections of potential learning problems.
  6. Prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect.

Parents as Teachers Program Components:

  1. Personal home visits
  2. Playgroups and parent meetings
  3. Screenings
  4. Resource Networks

Parents as Teachers Enrollment

You are invited to Piqua Parents as Teachers Playgroups.

Playgroups are a wonderful opportunity for families to enjoy getting together with other families who have young children. The kids will learn from open play and interacting with other children, stimulating their socialization and language skills. There is some structured time to work on an activity, exposing children to different projects and art modalities and encouraging them to focus their attention for longer periods. The children will enjoy special reading time with their parents and will begin to appreciate literacy at an early age. The children will look forward to the routines involving snacks, hand washing, and calendar time. The children will begin to participate more and more as they anticipate each activity. They will get to know children of different ages.

Parents have an important role in playgroup as well. Parents will have an opportunity to play with their children. They will model important behaviors such as sharing, taking turns, and language skills. The children will learn valuable social skills while improving their personal self-esteem. Also, playgroups will strengthen the parent/child bond. 

Contact Information

Address: 215 Looney Rd. 
Piqua, Ohio 45356
Playgroup location: Piqua Junior High School
222 Tomahawk Trail, 
Piqua, Ohio 45356
Phone: 937-916-3139
Fax: 937-773-2574
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