Springcreek Title I Parent and Family Information 2024-2025

Springcreek Title I Parent and Family Information 2024-2025

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Springcreek Primary Title I Parent and Family Information

Federal Programs
The mission of the Piqua City School's federal programs initiatives is to obtain, provide oversight, and use federal funds in a completely student-centered approach.  Federal funding is used to provide unique educational opportunities for all students and staff members. 

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and No Child Left Behind Programs used by Piqua City Schools:
  1. Title I, Part A (Improving Academics for Economically Disadvantage Students)
  2.  Title II, Part A (Improving Teaching Quality)
  3.  Title III (English Language Learners)
  4.  Title IV (Student Support and Academic Enrichment)
  5.  Title I, Non-Competitive (Improving Academics for Identified Buildings)
  6.   Expanding  Opportunity (Academic Enrichment and Opportunities)
What is Title I?
  • Title I was enacted in 1965 under the Elementary and Secondary Act.  It was amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  It is the largest Federal Assistance Program for our nation’s schools.

  • The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and to achieve proficiency on high academic standards.

  • Title I provides federal funds through the Ohio Department of Education to schools with at least 40% of the student population receiving free and reduced meals.  

  • Piqua has three buildings that are served by Title I school-wide funding:

    • Springcreek Primary Elementary

    • Washington Primary Elementary

    • Piqua Central Intermediate School

Purpose of Schoolwide Title I Funding
Springcreek is considered a school-wide program.  Springcreek has a student population of 40% or above that qualifies for free/reduced lunch.  School-wide Title I buildings are characterized by:

  • A comprehensive Needs Assessment of each Title I served school based on the performance of children in relationship to state content standards

  • Schoolwide reform strategies that are evidence-based and focused on student growth and proficiency

  • Address the needs of all children (low achieving students, ELS, migrant, Low Income, etc.)

  • Instruction by highly-qualified teachers

  • High quality and ongoing professional development

  • Strategies to attract high-quality and highly-qualified teachers

  • Ways to increase parental involvement

  • A focus on the use of academic assessments to guide instruction for individual students

  • Assistance for all students who have difficulty in mastering content standards

Parent Involvement and Parents Right to Know
Piqua City Schools believes that parents and families are a vital and important part of their child's success as a student.  In accordance with Title I, Part A, the Piqua City School district provides parents with:
  • School-level parent involvement policies and guidance
  • Parent, Teacher, and Student compacts
  • Materials and resources to help their child or children
Please see the documents contained on the web page for PCIS parent information. Parent information and additional resources are available at the district and school level, and include the topics of:
  • Ohio State Academic Standards
  • State and Local Assessment
  • The requirements of Title I
  • Tips on strengthening the academic progress of your student
  • Information regarding Literacy and Mathematics materials, instructional practices, and goals
Parent Right to Know:
Parents have the right to know the teaching qualifications of the individuals who instructs their student.  
You may request the following information:
  • If a teacher has met the state licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction
  • Whether the teacher has any alternate certification
  • The undergraduate or graduate degree the teacher holds, including the field of the certification
  • Whether the child is served by paraprofessionals and their qualifications

We welcome the input of parents.  For assistance with any questions or concerns regarding Title I services at PCIS, please contact:
Scott Bloom
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
(937) 773-4321
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