Stopfinder Parent Engagement App Tutorial

Stopfinder is the all-in-one parent engagement app designed by parents for parents to keep you in the know. Receive bus location and messages, updates, and alerts in real-time.

To use the Stopfinder app, the district must have your email address on file with their student information system (SIS). If your school district uses Stopfinder, you will receive an invitation email from your district providing access to the Stopfinder app (see sample email below).  Email addresses and other contact information can be updated through the OneView parent portal

With Stopfinder, you will:

    1. Know the schedule of your child’s bus
    2. Receive push notifications related to your child’s bus schedule and any changes
    3. Get real-time information on the location of your child’s bus by creating your own alert zones with the upgrade to GeoAlerts
    4. Notice bus substitutions because they are clearly indicated – reducing misinformation and confusion
    5. Track multiple buses, a great feature if your children don’t ride the same bus
    6. Know exactly when your children arrive at school or at home
    7. Enjoy two-way communication with the transportation office
    8. Provide parents and caregivers with multilingual options in the app

Additional information can be found on StopFinder's FAQ page.

Sample StopFinder Invitation Email

Below is a sample invitation email a parent/guardian would receive to activate your subscription to Stopfinder.  Again the district must have a valid email address before you will receive your invitation.

Welcome to Stopfinder for Piqua City School District 

You have been added as a Stopfinder subscriber for Piqua City Schools. This is an app for your mobile device that will allow you to view the bus schedule for your child(ren), as well as the ability to communicate with the Transportation Department.

You have received this invitation because you are listed as the primary guardian for your child(ren). As the primary subscriber, you will have the ability to add additional people (spouse, grandparent, etc.).

Activate your subscription to enable the application:

Step 1: Click the blue link to activate your subscription. DO THIS FIRST 

Step 2: Download the Stopfinder app.


Please note that this link will expire in 7 Days.

If you need more information on use, go to:

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