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Unusual weather a welcome relief for members of Piqua marching band
Never in the history of band camp, held annually this time of year, has the words cold and July been uttered together in the same sentence. 
Piqua’s NFL players to return for opener
Craig Clemons, Dave Gallagher, Matt Finkes, Quinn Pitcock and Brandon Saine will always be remembered for their outstanding football careers at Piqua High School. 
A Covenant for Democracy!
The Fourth of July annually brings the citizens and communities of our country together to celebrate our independence and democracy. 
Developing Collaboration!
During the past few weeks my articles have focused on the “best of the best” from the school year we just finished at Piqua City Schools. 
OSBA Business Honor Roll
The Piqua City School District Board of Education recognized five local businesses for their support of the district’s schools.  
Best of the Best Part II !
Our secondary schools continued this past year to provide amazing opportunities for our students to build a strong foundation for their future. Once again our eighth grade students traveled to Washington D.C.  
Primary Game-A-Thon
Primary math students at Favorite Hill, High Street and Springcreek worked very hard and submitted their original math games. 
Cassie Sant
University of Dayton girls basketball alumnus, and soon to be pro player in Italy, Cassie Sant came and spoke to our girls on June 5th.  It was a wonderful way to wrap up a very successful camp week! The girls are excited and the coaches are ready to get the community psyched about Piqua Girls Basketball!!  
The Revelation of a Closing!
There are a lot of emotions associated with the closing of a school year for all involved! As a teacher I always tried to reflect with my students about how far they had advanced over the year. 
Discovery Education highlights Piqua


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