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Beth Cain
Transportation Supervisor
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Lougena Martinez
Administrative Assistant
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719 East Ash Street
Piqua, Ohio 45356
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Transportation Service Levels
Published by the Pupil Transportation Office
Ohio Department of Education
   This document is intended to provide information that clarifies the responsibilities and obligations of school districts with respect to pupil transportation service levels. Pupil transportation service must be provided in Ohio for students in grades K-8 who live more than two miles from their school. Many school districts also transport students in high school, as well as students who live closer than two miles from their school, but these services are optional at the discretion of the district and are not required by state law.
   Transportation plans are designed and implemented by each district. This plan includes the designation of walk-in areas to school, identification of hazardous areas, the location of bus stops and the actual routing and planning of routes. Other issues, such as the ability of a school district to accommodate day care arrangements, alternative bus stops and length of time a student rides on a bus are also determined by the local school district. There are no administrative regulations or laws that limit these.
   School transportation is a form of public transportation that is designed to be safe and efficient while serving as many students as possible. It is not an individualized transportation service. As in other forms of public transportation, there is little opportunity to alter or change schedules and routes to meet individual family circumstances. 
Transportation Guidelines

Bus routes, times and pick up-drop off locations are announced in mid-August, posted on the front door of each school. We provide guidelines below (scroll down) to help parents and child care providers understand the procedures and policies that are necessary to manage a safe and cost-effective transportation system. Buses pick up and drop off students inside the assigned school attendance areas only. If your child care provider lives within your school attendance area, you must request alternate pickup and drop off addresses for the school year by using a transportation plan form. 

Please feel free to contact our office, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM for any additional information. 

Pupil Transportation Management Policies
  • Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Pupils must wait at the driver designated place of safety.
  • Behavior at the bus stop or on the way to the bus stop must not threaten life, limb or property of any individual.
  • Pupils will be assigned a seat by their bus driver and must go directly to their assigned seat upon entering the bus. 
  • Pupils must remain seated, keeping aisles and exits clear.
  • Pupils must observe classroom conduct and must obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
  • Pupils must not use profane language.
  • Pupils must refrain from eating or drinking except as required for medical reasons and a doctor's order must be on file with the school nurse.
  • Pupils must not use tobacco products or have them in their possession at the bus stop or on the bus. 
  • Pupils must not have drugs or alcohol in their possession on the bus or at the bus stop except for prescription medication required for the student and a doctor's order must be on file with the school nurse. 
  • Pupils must not throw or pass objects on, from or into the bus. 
  • Pupils may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps. 
  • Pupils must board or leave the bus at the locations which they have been assigned unless they have parental AND administrative authorization to do otherwise. 
  • Pupils must not put head or arms out of the bus windows. 
  • Guidelines will be formulated for the use and storage of equipment and other means of assistance required by preschool children and special need children. 
  • Drivers and Bus aides must have access to appropriate information about the child to the degree that such information might affect the safe transportation and medical well being. This information must be readily available in the transportation office. All such information is strictly confidential. 
  • Cell phone use is limited. Students in grades 7 through 12 may use a cell phone for gaming, music or texting but earbuds must be worn. Students entering and exiting the bus must take earbuds out for instruction. The camera portion of the phone is not to be in use due to the danger of the flash. Talking is not allowed as this is a distraction to drivers.
  • Pupils may not carry explosives, fireworks, weapons, animals, insects and balloons on the school bus.  
The superintendent or superintendent designees, or principals are authorized to suspend or remove pupils from school bus riding privileges. 
  • Students transported by school bus must comply with the student disciplinary code of conduct.
Walking Zones
Procedures and Bus Conduct Levels
Transportation Forms
In the AM, if there is an emergency, the parent may call the office (773-1560) to check for an available seat and a student may provide a note signed and dated by that parent or guardian ONLY. If a student shows up for the bus without written permission, the driver will call in to the Transportation Office for permission to transport and a call will be made to the parent. If there is no space available, another bus could be dispatched as long as it will not cause the other bus to be late to school. 
In the PM, bus passes are to be used in emergency situations ONLY and must be obtained before the buses are due to depart the school. If there is no pass and it is time to depart the school, the child will be sent to their assigned bus. 
If a pass is needed, a parent shall call the Transportation Office to check for an available seat on the bus they want their child to ride.  (773-1560)
If a seat is available, a note shall be sent to school with the student. It shall be signed by the parent and dated. The school principal shall issue a bus pass if there is space available on the bus. The student will present this to the bus driver upon entering the bus.
Jr./Sr. High buses are full and most buses can not accept bus passes. It is STRONGLY advised, you make arrangements to have someone pick up your student at their home or bus stop.  
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