Special Education Services

Special Education Services

The following are descriptions of the specialized continuum of services provided to special education students’ age’s three to twenty-two. 
Preschool Special Education Services:

Piqua City Schools provides services to preschool students (ages 3 to 5) with disabilities through the Miami County Educational Service Center (MCESC). The MCESC provides Itinerant and Center - Based preschool services. Preschool Itinerant services are provided by preschool special education teachers in two different methods of service: 1) Services delivered in the home environment. 2) Services delivered to a child attending a public or private preschool. Center based services are provided in a classroom setting where typically developing peers and special needs students are led by a preschool special education teacher(s). Related Services are available to children in either setting who qualify in one of the following areas: communication, hearing, vision, social-emotional/behavioral functioning, motor functioning, adaptive behavior, and cognitive ability. The MCESC holds several screening sessions throughout the school year. If you believe your child may have a disability and would benefit from services please contact the MCESC for screening dates and times at 937-339-5100.

School Age Special Education Services:

Piqua City Schools provides services to school age students (ages 5 to 22) with disabilities. Our special education staff creates and implements appropriate academic and behavioral Individual Education Plans for each disabled student. Our students are served in the most appropriate setting given their own unique set of skills. Our teaching staff is trained to provide services to students whether in an inclusive or resource room setting.
  • Inclusion in the General Education Setting: Most of our special education students receive the specialized services they need in the general education inclusionary setting. Our inclusionary setting is comprised of a co-teaching team which includes the general education teacher and special education. Services may also include the use of educational aides, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and school psychologists.
  • Resource Room Setting: Some of our special education students receive some of their specialized services in a resource room setting. This is comprised of a special education teacher and/or educational aide. The team will provide any services that may need to be presented in a smaller group environment. Services may also include the use of educational aides, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and school psychologists.
  • Specially Designed Resource Room: For those students who require more support for an extended period of the day, we provide a specially designed resource program. This program can range from working with students on a more functional academic curriculum, life skills and/ or emotional and behavioral supports. Each program is specially designed to meet the needs of the students. Services may also include the use of educational aides, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and school psychologists. The general education curriculum along with other programming options is included in these resource rooms. Several different teaching methodologies may be incorporated into each classroom depending on the needs of the population.

MCESC Consortium Programs:
For those students who receive academic and behavioral supports in specially designed resource rooms, the Piqua City School District contracts with the Miami County Educational Center and the other local schools districts in Miami County in order to provide the highest level of service possible to our students. These resource rooms are currently all housed in our school buildings with the exception of our self contained unit at Staunton School.

Vocational Programs:
Once our special education students reach the high school level, we offer some vocational programming to meet the needs of our students. Piqua City Schools offers many vocational options on our campus and through the Upper Valley Career Center programs. Each of these vocational programs enhances the student’s ability to continue with their education after high school or to enter the world of work and become self-supporting citizens. The student’s special education teacher, general education teachers, guidance counselor, parents and other professionals (as needed) work together to prepare each students transition plan so they can reach the goals they have set for themselves in order to reach their maximum potential.

Transitional Services:
Planning a child’s transition from adolescence to adult life is one of the most important activities that will be done to prepare that child for a successful future. In Ohio, transition planning begins when a child with a disability is 14 years of age and sometimes earlier if needed.

Piqua City Schools is committed to facilitate integration of students with disabilities into their school and community by providing a variety of opportunities that support individual interests and strengths. Through the transition planning process families and students are introduced to programs and resources that may be important as their student moves from school to post school activities. Intervention Specialists are important members of IEP planning teams to assist in developing a transition plan that will move students toward their career, education, and life skill goals.

Transition services include:
Consultative services for future planning
Employment/ career exploration
School/Community based work and internship opportunities
Career & technical education exploration
Exploration of post secondary education opportunities
12+ Transition program exploration
Agency referral/community resources
Should you have questions about any of the special education services we provide students please contact:
Amy Todd
Director of Special Education
P:(937) 773- 4321 ext. 6711
Email: todda@piqua.org  

Notice of Parent Rights-Parental Consent to Access Public Benefits (Medicaid)


Notice of Parent/Guardian Rights

Parental Consent to Access Public Benefits (Medicaid)

The Ohio Medicaid School Program



The Piqua City School District has the opportunity to receive Federal Medicaid dollars through a program called the Ohio Medicaid School Program (MSP). Through this program, school districts can receive Medicaid dollars for services such as Speech, Audiology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work services. The district can receive funding when a student receives one or more of these services and the student has current Medicaid insurance coverage. In the process of billing Medicaid for these services, certain billing information must be shared with the Ohio Department of Medicaid. Before the district can submit claim data for Medicaid billing purposes, we must first obtain a signed Parental Consent to Share Information and Access Medicaid.


This annual notice is to inform you of all of your legal protections and rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Your consent is voluntary. You have the right under 34 CFR Part 99 and Part 300 to withdraw your consent at any time. You are not required to enroll in Medicaid. Billing Medicaid will not require you to incur any out-of-pocket expenses such as a deductible or co-pay, decrease lifetime coverage, increase premiums or lead to the discontinuation of benefits, or result in you paying for services that would otherwise be covered by Medicaid. No matter whether you grant consent, refuse consent, or revoke your consent, your child will still be provided with an evaluation and/or the services listed in their IEP at no cost to you.


For a more detailed explanation of Medicaid Parental Consent, please see the following Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).


34 CFR 300.154

34 CFR 300.503

34 CFR 300.622

34 CFR 99.30


For specific questions regarding the Medicaid School Program Parental Consent, please contact Healthcare Billing Services, Inc. at (740) 639-4218 or at TeamHBS@aol.com.


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