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Student's SPLAT out Cancer.

Students ‘SPLAT’ out cancer

Teachers get pied for good cause

By Sam Wildow - swildow@dailycall.com

Sam Wildow | Daily Call Student Kaden Walling (front left) smashes a whipped cream pie in the face of secretary Heather York (front right), who was sitting in for Assistant Principal Ross Loudenback as part of the Piqua Central Intermediate School SPLAT Day on Friday afternoon.

Sam Wildow | Daily Call Teacher Lauren McCord (front right) passes out fake school money to students, which they can use to get prizes, before getting pied in the face as part of the Piqua Central Intermediate School SPLAT Day on Friday afternoon.

PIQUA — Students at Piqua Central Intermediate School set a record of raising funds for two good causes: research for a cure to cancer and getting to pie their teachers in the face.

Friday afternoon was SPLAT Day for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students at Piqua Central Intermediate School after they spent the past few weeks raising funds for Pennies for Patients, which funds research for cures and treatment for blood-borne cancers.

“Everybody makes a difference. It’s not just one person,” Kiwanis Kids Advisor and school counselor Robin Phipps said.

Students raised funds by buying candy during their lunch period and voting on which teacher they would like to see get a pie to the face, as well as by participating in a skate party at 36 Skate Club in Piqua, which over 170 students attended. Students’ parents also took part by participating in a 50/50 auction.

Kiwanis Kids does a fundraising project like this each year, but this year the students set a record by raising $1,555 for Pennies for Patients.

For these students, this fundraiser hits close to home as they have one classmate currently fighting cancer and two other classmates who are survivors of cancer. Shelby Lockhart, a Piqua Central Intermediate School student, has been battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a cancer of the blood, for around two years. Lockhart was not able to attend SPLAT Day, but fifth grade students and cancer survivors Troy Scott and Andrew Powis were the masters of ceremonies for two of the SPLAT Day events.

“I think the fact that they have classmates who have survived cancer and the fact that we have a student now who is currently struggling with cancer, it makes them more empathetic to the struggle and also it lets them see the reason (for the fundraiser),” Phipps said.

There were some students who would tell the teachers and staff members helping to collect the money, “We want to find a cure for Shelby.”

“They see how important it is,” Phipps said. “I’m very proud of our kids.”

There were three teachers for each grade who had a student pie them in the face on Friday.

For fourth grade, student Braden Holtvogt pied teacher Lauren McCord, student Ty Pettus pied teacher Mick Leffel, and student Kaden Walling pied secretary Heather York, who was sitting in for Assistant Principal Ross Loudenback.

For fifth grade, student Braylin Shaner pied librarian and staff member Heather Langston, student EJ Jones pied teacher Betsey Johns, and student Aidyn Sarson pied Principal Josh Kauffman.

For sixth grade, student Kiya Treon pied teacher Mike Schaefer, student Jaylen Snelling pied teacher Elizabeth Barhorst, and student Alyssa Pleck pied Assistant Principal Jennie Gearhardt.

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